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Issue 21 (4) 2022


Issue 21 (4) 2022 pp. 3-10
Paolo Pavanello, Paolo Carrubba, Nicola Moraci
Evaluation of geosynthetic interface friction at low normal stress: comparison between two different test procedures
Issue 21 (4) 2022 pp. 11-20
Dhanasingh Sivalinga Vijayan, Arvindan Sivasuriyan, Devarajan Parthiban
Earthquake early warning systems (EEWSs) and their applicability in modern research – a review
Issue 21 (4) 2022 pp. 21-31
Aleksandra Jakimiuk, Yasuhiro Matsui, Anna Podlasek, Magdalena Daria Vaverková,
Assessment of landfill protection systems in Japan – a case study
Issue 21 (4) 2022 pp. 33-40
Paweł Ogrodnik, Aleksandra Powęzka, Ali Ghamari
Adhesion of structural steel to concrete with recycled crushed sanitary ceramics aggregate
Issue 21 (4) 2022 pp. 41-51
Marek Chalecki, Piotr Jaskłowski, Oleksandr Borysyuk
Evaluation of the professional risk for an employee in the building industry using an example of a concrete-steel fixer
Issue 21 (4) 2022 pp. 53-61
Lamneithem Hangshing, Dhanasingh Sivalinga Vijayan, Arvindan Sivasuriyan
A study of rain water harvesting for sustainable water resource management in Nagaland, Northeast India – a review
Issue 21 (4) 2022 pp. 63-68
Yuliia Trach, Roman Trach
Possibility of using a mixture of calcium salts to decrease sulphate concentration and total mineralisation of surface and mine waters
Issue 21 (4) 2022 pp. 69-74
Sylwia Szymanek
Construction production trends and industry optimism in EU countries after the COVID-19 pandemic

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