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Issue 21 (3) 2022


Issue 21 (3) 2022 pp. 3-13
Małgorzata Kurcjusz, Anna Stefańska, Saurav Dixit, Agnieszka Starzyk
The interdisciplinary designing in form, function, and structure coherency
Issue 21 (3) 2022 pp. 15-23
Polina Vietrova, Pavlo Vasyliev, Larysa Maksymiv
Participatory design method for improvement of urban public spaces – case study
Issue 21 (3) 2022 pp. 25-30
Suren Aghbalyan, Vazgen Bagdasaryan, Rafał Wyczółkowski
Investigation of heating time of a bundle of steel bars
Issue 21 (3) 2022 pp. 31-41
Barbara Francke, Leonard Runkiewicz
Influence of durability of waterproofing solutions on terraces protecting against water and moisture
Issue 21 (3) 2022 pp. 43-54
Anna Szymczak-Graczyk
Selected aspects of the design and construction of reinforced concrete sunk wells
Issue 21 (3) 2022 pp. 55-65
Marta Kiraga, Patrycja Kozieł, Maurycy Naliwajko
Conventional pool fish pass project for small threshold
Issue 21 (3) 2022 pp. 67-76
Przemysław Łacek, Agnieszka Starzyk
Recycling of building materials: an overview
Issue 21 (3) 2022 pp. 77-83
Ivanna Voronkova
Types of architectural glass to improve the energy efficiency of glass buildings

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