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Issue 21 (2) 2022


Issue 21 (2) 2022 pp. 3-9
Amit Kumar, Dharmender Kumar Soni
Statistical analysis of fibre reinforced frozen soil
Issue 21 (2) 2022 pp. 11-19
Anna Markiewicz, Eugeniusz Koda
Impact of the constrictions number on filtration characteristics of nonwoven geotextiles
Issue 21 (2) 2022 pp. 21-30
Bogdan Żółtowski, Leonel F. Castañeda, Mariusz Żółtowski, Tomasz Wierzbicki
Research condition of complex technical objects
Issue 21 (2) 2022 pp. 31-41
Isaac Agbamu
Evaluation of the damage and reinforcement of the foundation in a ten-storey multi-purpose building in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria
Issue 21 (2) 2022 pp. 43-53
Olga Szlachetka, Joanna Witkowska-Dobrev
Tolerance modelling of heat conduction in biperiodic fourth-component composite
Issue 21 (2) 2022 pp. 55-61
Grzegorz Wrzesiński
Lowering water level in an excavation for a multi-family residential building in urban development
Issue 21 (2) 2022 pp. 63-73
Anna Michalik
Selected aspects of the digitisation of spatial planning in the context of legislative changes in Poland
Issue 21 (2) 2022 pp. 75-83
Grzegorz Pasternak
Geodetic monitoring of geotechnical structures displacements: a case study of Radiowo landfill site in Warsaw

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