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Issue 21 (1) 2022


Issue 21 (1) 2022 pp. 3-8
Leszek Rafalski, Michał Ćwiąkała, Cezary Kraszewski, Joanna Korzeniowska
The modelling of soil-binder composites
Issue 21 (1) 2022 pp. 9-19
Agnieszka Boas Berg,, Erika Hurajová, Martin Černý, Jan Winkler
Anthropogenic ecosystem of greenroofs from the perspective of rainwater management
Issue 21 (1) 2022 pp. -
Jarosław Siwiński, Katarzyna Kubiak
Blast effect on construction barriers from external load including angle incidence
Issue 21 (1) 2022 pp. 31-39
Anna Markiewicz
Clayey sand–nonwoven geotextile interface characterisation through gradient ratio test
Issue 21 (1) 2022 pp. 41-50
Aleksandra Jakimiuk
Review of technical methods of landfill sealing and reclamation in the world
Issue 21 (1) 2022 pp. 51-56
Svyatoslav Gomon, Volodymyr Romanyuk, Yuriy Ziatіuk, Vitaliy Marchuk, Oleksandr Nalepa
Effective methods to strengthen the bending reinforced concrete elements
Issue 21 (1) 2022 pp. 57-70
Simon Rabarijoely
Validation of soil type interpretation and determination from CPT and DMT tests
Issue 21 (1) 2022 pp. 71-80
Vasiliy Kosinov, Yuliia Trach, Roman Trach
Analysis of the construction of nodes of a water pipeline network and modeling of planned overall dimensions of its working chambers

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