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Issue 20 (4) 2021


Issue 20 (4) 2021 pp. 3-9
Viktor Moshynskyi, Roman Trach, Pavlo Striletskyi
Application of the building information modelling (BIM) for bridge structures
Issue 20 (4) 2021 pp. 11-19
Raimondas Šadzevičius, Inga Adamonytė, Katarzyna Gabryś, Michał Kucharski
Main physical-mechanic properties of concrete samples taken from Bražuolė – first removed dam in Lithuania
Issue 20 (4) 2021 pp. 21-28
Linda Grinberga, Dagnija Grabuža, Inga Grīnfelde, Didzis Lauva,, Armands Celms, Wojciech Sas, Andrzej Głuchowski, Justyna Dzięcioł
Analysis of the removal of BOD5, COD and suspended solids in subsurface flow constructed wetland in Latvia
Issue 20 (4) 2021 pp. 29-35
Mykola Nagirniak, Konstantin Rusakov
Elastic beam resting on Vlasov elastic foundation and subjected to an external concentrated load
Issue 20 (4) 2021 pp. 37-54
Amelia Albin, Dorota Kula
Transport of mutually cooperating triplets of thermal Fourier fluctuations through two-phase periodically layered partition wall
Issue 20 (4) 2021 pp. 55-67
Monika Gwóźdź-Lasoń
Interdisciplinary risk analysis of construction investment and property value in the areas with mining impact
Issue 20 (4) 2021 pp. 69-74
Maciej Miturski
Impact of curing process on ultrasonic pulse velocity in stabilized soils
Issue 20 (4) 2021 pp. 75-83
Konrad Piechowicz
Effect of compaction, reinforcement and reclamation as a protection of slopes against erosion in road engineering earthworks
Issue 20 (4) 2021 pp. 85-92
Agnieszka Starzyk
Non-existent theatrical spaces – places of memory or oblivion?
Issue 20 (4) 2021 pp. 93-100
Aleksandra Nowysz
Urban vertical farm – introduction to the subject and discussion of selected examples
Issue 20 (4) 2021 pp. 101-106
Norbert Dąbkowski, Kamil Redzik
Adaptation of existing livestock buildings to ecological requirements of selected organic farms in the Lublin Voivodeship
Issue 20 (4) 2021 pp. 107-115
Marek Kosmala
About visionaries – precursors of contemporary landscape architecture: USA, England and Poland

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