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Issue 20 (1) 2021


Issue 20 (1) 2021 pp. 3-12
Magdalena Grochulska-Salak
Re-urbanization in a model of sustainable development of an eco-city
Issue 20 (1) 2021 pp. 13-23
Justyna Zdunek-Wielgołaska, Klara Kantorowicz, Krzysztof Rudzki
Use of renewable energy sources as a tool supporting the protection of cultural values of Warsaw’s suburbs: case study of manor in Warsaw-Białołęka
Issue 20 (1) 2021 pp. 25-30
Zinoviy Blikharskyy
RC beams strengthened by RC jacketing under load
Issue 20 (1) 2021 pp. 31-38
Daniel Dudek, Kazimierz Konieczny
Impact of plastic and steel fibre reinforcement on the strength of steel anchors
Issue 20 (1) 2021 pp. 39-49
Marta Kadela, Monika Gwóźdź-Lasoń
Economic analysis for technical and executive projects with geosynthetic materials for the protection of linear structures in the mining areas
Issue 20 (1) 2021 pp. 51-64
Jan Zamorowski
Strength and stability of structures with nodes flexible in terms of shift
Issue 20 (1) 2021 pp. 65-76
Grzegorz Gremza, Jan Zamorowski
Analysis of load capacity of roof trusses with imperfections and the issue of equivalent load adoption
Issue 20 (1) 2021 pp. 77-86
Katarzyna Jeleniewicz, Mariusz Żółtowski
Main elements of investigation of measures of vibration energy propagation in structures
Issue 20 (1) 2021 pp. 87-93
Joanna A. Pawłowicz, Marlena A. Jurczak
Developing software for parametric modelling of buildings and structures for the purposes of BIM

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