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Issue 2 (1) 2003 pp. 31–40

Wiesław Nagórko, Marcin Piwowarski


Keywords: thermal conductivity, periodical layered composites, homogenised model, microlocal parameters
Abstract: In the paper the problem of thermal conductivity in periodical layered composites is analyzed using the method of microlocal homogenisation [Woźniak 1987]. It is assumed that the temperature consists of two parts: macrotemperature and microtemperature The macrotemperature describes the distribution of the temperature in the body neglecting the influence of the body structure, the microtemperature includes the structure by including different thermophysical properties of the investigation layer. In the considered homogenised model the numerical analysis of the macrotemperature, the microlocal parameters, the parameters describing the thermophysical properties of the investigated body and the total temperature was conducted. The examples for two layered periodical bodies are calculated in this paper.

For citation:

MLA Nagórko, Wiesław, and Marcin Piwowarski. "THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY IN PERIODICAL LAYERED COMPOSITES." Acta Sci.Pol. Architectura 2.1 (2003): 31–40.
APA Nagórko W. and Piwowarski M. (2003). THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY IN PERIODICAL LAYERED COMPOSITES. Acta Sci.Pol. Architectura, 2 (1), 31–40
ISO 690 Nagórko, Wiesław, Piwowarski, Marcin. THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY IN PERIODICAL LAYERED COMPOSITES. Acta Sci.Pol. Architectura, 2003, 2.1: 31–40.
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