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Issue 19 (4) 2020


Issue 19 (4) 2020 pp. 5-14
Anna Nowak
Technologies of constructing Warsaw’s green elevations in the context of global and Polish realizations
Issue 19 (4) 2020 pp. 15-26
Magdalena Grochulska-Salak, Tomasz Wężyk
Structure and nodal points of Smart City infrastructure
Issue 19 (4) 2020 pp. 27-35
Justyna Zdunek-Wielgołaska, Klara Kantorowicz
Suburban areas of historical value as an important element of the ecological buffer of Warsaw
Issue 19 (4) 2020 pp. 37-49
Anna Tofiluk
New housing development of Warsaw in the context of sustainable design and climate change – city guidelines and recommendations
Issue 19 (4) 2020 pp. 51-60
Eliza Maciejewska
Development of areas by the Vistula river in Warsaw in the context of flood issues as an example of adaptation to climate change
Issue 19 (4) 2020 pp. 61-72
Dorota Sikora
Roads in gardens at the end of 18th century – historical theory and contemporary practice illustrated with an example of Łazienki Królewskie Park in Warsaw
Issue 19 (4) 2020 pp. 73-88
Leszek S. Wiśniewski
Greenhouse gas emissions from transport. Urban transport and spatial policy in the face of the climate change
Issue 19 (4) 2020 pp. 89-105
Krystyna Guranowska-Gruszecka
Sources of Warsaw smog and directions of remedying this situation in the place of its causes
Issue 19 (4) 2020 pp. 107-115
Kinga Zinowiec-Cieplik
Problems of regenerative design in the city

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