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Issue 19 (3) 2020


Issue 19 (3) 2020 pp. 3-14
Marek Dohojda, Katarzyna Jeleniewicz, Joanna Witkowska-Dobrev, Olga Szlachetka
Technical condition of pre-war buildings in the face of new transport investments on the example of a townhouse from 1912
Issue 19 (3) 2020 pp. 15-20
Ivan Kernytskyy, Yevheniia Yakovenko, Yevhen Storchun, Orest Horbay, Ruslan Humenyuk, Yaroslav Sholudko
Modelling of artery stiffness for driver’s heart rate monitoring systems development
Issue 19 (3) 2020 pp. 21-28
Kamil Kułaga
Perspective of new technical provisions for buildings in the context of defects of current regulation
Issue 19 (3) 2020 pp. 29-41
Krzysztof Wiśniewski, Agata Pawłat-Zawrzykraj
Impact of livestock building location on solar heat output
Issue 19 (3) 2020 pp. 43-54
Gabriela Rutkowska, Joanna Fronczyk, Sergij Filipchuk
Influence of flight ash properties from thermal transformation of sewage sludge on ordinary concrete parameters
Issue 19 (3) 2020 pp. 55-66
Zdzisław Skutnik, Michał Cmiel
Selection of soil for transition layers in earth dams on the example of the Świnna Poręba Dam
Issue 19 (3) 2020 pp. 67-73
Agnieszka Starzyk
Pro-environmental architecture aimed at children – future challenges, educational message
Issue 19 (3) 2020 pp. 75-82
Daniel Wrzosek
Application of suction caissons as foundations of offshore power plants. Installation process description
Issue 19 (3) 2020 pp. 83-90
Karina Zabłocka, Marzena Lendo-Siwicka, Grzegorz Wrzesiński
The influence of mineralogical composition of soil on the consolidation coefficient value
Issue 19 (3) 2020 pp. 91-97
Justyna Zdunek-Wielgołaska, Anna Grabowska
The role of rural areas in the creation of eco-resilient suburbs of Warsaw
Issue 19 (3) 2020 pp. 99-108
Mariusz Żółtowski, Norbert Dąbkowski
Modal tests of concrete block cracks

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