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Issue 19 (1) 2020 pp. 93-102

Volodymyr Snitynskyy1, Ivan Kernytskyy2, Bohdan Diveyev3, Orest Horbay3, Petro Koruniak1, Ruslan Humenyuk1, Tetiana Kokhana1

1 Faculty of Mechanical and Power Engineering, Lviv National Agrarian University
Institute of Civil Engineering, Warsaw University of Life Sciences – SGGW
Institute of Engineering Mechanics and Transport, Lviv Polytechnic National University

Impact and particle vibration absorbers optimal design

Keywords: dynamic vibration absorber, particle-based damping system, buffered absorber, optimization, design

The paper contemplates the provision of impact or particle dynamic vibration absorber (DVA). An efficient
numerical approach based on the theoretical-experimental method is proposed to maximize the minimal
damping of modes in a prescribed frequency range for general viscous tuned-mass systems. Methods of
decomposition and numerical synthesis on the basis of adaptive schemes are considered. The influence of
dynamic vibration absorbers and basic design elastic and damping properties is under discussion. Compact
buffered impact absorbers are analysed. One task of this work is to analyse parameters identification of the
dynamic vibration absorber and the basic structure. The work focused on a single degree of order (SDOF)
system which is equivalent to particle DVA. The simulation provides a close agreement with the measurements
over various entire frequency ranges, which means the SDOF is simple yet easy to calculate the
damped motion, compared with the experimental results of particle DVA. Examples of the attachment of
particle DVA’s and elongated element with multi-mass impact DVA’s are offered. The paper contemplates
the provision of the impact multi-mass DVA’s with masses collisions and traction for additional damping.
A technique is developed to give the optimal DVA’s for the elimination of excessive vibration in harmonic
and impact loaded systems.

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MLA Snitynskyy, Volodymyr, et al. "Impact and particle vibration absorbers optimal design." Acta Sci.Pol. Architectura 19.1 (2020): 93-102.
APA Snitynskyy, V. et al. (2020). Impact and particle vibration absorbers optimal design. Acta Sci.Pol. Architectura, 19 (1), 93-102
ISO 690 Snitynskyy, Volodymyr, et al. Impact and particle vibration absorbers optimal design. Acta Sci.Pol. Architectura, 2020, 19.1: 93-102.
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