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Issue 19 (1) 2020


Issue 19 (1) 2020 pp. 3-10
Wojciech Skórzewski
Urban layout and energy savings
Issue 19 (1) 2020 pp. 11-19
Eliza Maciejewska
Redefining cities in view of climatic changes “sponge city” – examples of solutions in Chinese cities at risk of flooding – Wuhan, Changde and Jinhua
Issue 19 (1) 2020 pp. 21-30
Dorota Kula, Łukasz Wodzyński
Transfer of thermal fluctuations through the building partition formed by periodic composite material
Issue 19 (1) 2020 pp. 31-41
Agnieszka Boas Berg, Dana Adamcová, Petra Martínez Barroso, Markéta Šourková, Magdalena Daria Vaverková
The impact of green roofs on the quality of rainwater and operational problems – case study
Issue 19 (1) 2020 pp. 43-48
Anatoliy Rokochynskiy, Vasyl Turcheniuk, Pavlo Volk, Nataliia Prykhodko, Nadiia Frolenkova
Providing of resource saving in Danube rice irrigation systems based on reuse of drainage water and wastewater
Issue 19 (1) 2020 pp. 49-61
Simon Rabarijoely, Łukasz Stolc, Jacek Bąkowski
The use of numerical methods to design a retaining wall structure on cohesive soils
Issue 19 (1) 2020 pp. 63-71
Ewa Iwanicka ,, Sylwia Janiszewska , Eugeniusz Koda
Remediation and stabilization of contaminated subsoil under existing buildings – case study
Issue 19 (1) 2020 pp. 73-84
Sławomir Bajkowski
The inflow length of the stream on the crest of the permeable sill with sharp-crested weir on the upstream slope
Issue 19 (1) 2020 pp. 85-92
Yuliia Trach
Perspective method for removing heavy metals from underground waters of Western Ukraine
Issue 19 (1) 2020 pp. 93-102
Volodymyr Snitynskyy, Ivan Kernytskyy, Bohdan Diveyev, Orest Horbay, Petro Koruniak, Ruslan Humenyuk, Tetiana Kokhana
Impact and particle vibration absorbers optimal design
Issue 19 (1) 2020 pp. 103-109
Andrei Podvornyi
The stability of anisotropic cylindrical shells under torsion in spatial position
Issue 19 (1) 2020 pp. 111-118
Vasyl Korbutiak, Dmytro Stefanyshyn, Oleh Lahodniuk, Alina Lahodniuk
The combined approach to solving issues of the flood hazard assessment using water gauge records and spatial data

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