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Issue 18 (4) 2019 pp. 43-50

Katarzyna Kafel, Piotr Buda

Wydział Inżynierii Lądowej, Politechnika Krakowska

Origin of palace floor – historic flooring

Keywords: palace floor, mosaic, parquet, wooden floor, historic floor

The floor is an element of the building aimed at finishing horizontal partitions, giving them utility and aesthetic
properties. Wooden floors are a frequent finishing element of building floors. The use of wood as
a finishing element is intended to introduce user comfort due to the physical properties of the material. Renovation
of historic wooden floors is characterized by considerable specificity of works, due to the need to
preserve their unique character. The aim of the work is to systematize the terminology that define the wooden
top layer of historic and contemporary floors. The work also discusses the implementation of renovation of
historic floor and made from scratch, which served as examples illustrating the terminology and differences
associated with the historic palace mosaic, and the wooden floor made today. Analysis of the literature in
terms of terminology within wooden floors, allowed to illustrate the differences in the performance of the top
layers of floors. The work shows the origin of the term “palace floor” and its contemporary interpretation.

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