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Issue 18 (4) 2019


Issue 18 (4) 2019 pp. 5-14
Anna M. Grabiec, Sylwia Kurpisz
Material solutions for bike and pedestrian tracks in a context of environment protection
Issue 18 (4) 2019 pp. 15-26
Marta Kiraga
Local scour modelling on the basis of flume experiments
Issue 18 (4) 2019 pp. 27-34
Simon Rabarijoely
Use of numerical methods for foundation of earth dam on organic subsoil
Issue 18 (4) 2019 pp. 35-41
Michał Banaszek, Kinga Rybak-Niedziółka
Use of PVC fittings as negative forms moulds for making concrete castings in sculpting practice
Issue 18 (4) 2019 pp. 43-50
Katarzyna Kafel, Piotr Buda
Origin of palace floor – historic flooring
Issue 18 (4) 2019 pp. 51-60
Katarzyna Krzykawska
A landfill peninsula as an experimental use space. A case study of Albany Bulb
Issue 18 (4) 2019 pp. 61-71
Dana Adamcová
Comparison of technical methods of securing closed landfills in the Czech Republic and Poland
Issue 18 (4) 2019 pp. 73-81
Mariusz Żółtowski, Katarzyna Jeleniewicz
Vibrations symptoms in state destruction of building construction
Issue 18 (4) 2019 pp. 83-93
Krzysztof Wiśniewski, Joanna Witkowska-Dobrev, Marek Dohojda
Protection of ordinary concrete against aggressive chemical environment in agricultural construction
Issue 18 (4) 2019 pp. 95-103
Piotr Fornalczyk
Functional and spatial architectural concept of the Innovative Centre for Nutritional Sciences of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences – SGGW

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