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Issue 18 (3) 2019


Issue 18 (3) 2019 pp. 3-14
Beata Joanna Gawryszewska, Justyna Biernacka
Greenery in Warsaw Housing Standard
Issue 18 (3) 2019 pp. 15-24
Magdalena Grochulska-Salak, Kinga Zinowiec-Cieplik
Revitalization of areas in the metropolis – an urban farm as an example of integration of greenery and buildings in the urban landscape
Issue 18 (3) 2019 pp. 25-33
Piotr Herbut
Development of farm buildings in the landscape of Polish Spisz on the example of Trybsz village
Issue 18 (3) 2019 pp. 35-44
Kinga Kimic
Architecture based on a honeycomb pattern
Issue 18 (3) 2019 pp. 45-53
Gabriela Maksymiuk, Renata Giedych, Agata Winiarska
Assessment of differentiation in natural green spaces provision in Warsaw using Accessible Natural Greenspace Standard (ANGSt)
Issue 18 (3) 2019 pp. 55-66
Jacek Rybarkiewicz
The concept of wind farms location in the Sieniawa Protected Landscape Area – the assessment of the conditions of the possibilities
Issue 18 (3) 2019 pp. 67-77
Maja Skibińska, Mariusz Wieczorek, Małgorzata Denis
Places to sit for senior citizens located in urban space: Warsaw city as a case study
Issue 18 (3) 2019 pp. 79-86
Marzena Suchocka, Aleksandra Widaj, Kinga Kimic
Tools used in parametric design in landscape architecture
Issue 18 (3) 2019 pp. 87-102
Bogusław Wowrzeczka
Landscape forms in the architecture of waste management facilities in cities
Issue 18 (3) 2019 pp. 103-111
Vazgen Bagdasaryan
Natural frequency of a pole with a variable cross-section

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