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Issue 18 (2) 2019


Issue 18 (2) 2019 pp. 3-10
Zdzisław Hejducki, Łukasz Łodożyński
Scheduling construction works with established workforce cost budget
Issue 18 (2) 2019 pp. 11-20
Magdalena Daria Vaverková
Impact assessment of the municipal solid landfill on environment: a case study
Issue 18 (2) 2019 pp. 21-25
Alina Pietrzak, Małgorzata Ulewicz
The impact of the length of polypropylene fibers on selected properties of concrete
Issue 18 (2) 2019 pp. 27-31
Kinga Brózda, Jacek Selejdak
The functions of the geosynthetics in roadway applications
Issue 18 (2) 2019 pp. 33-42
Agnieszka Leśniak, Filip Janowiec
Additional works in railway construction projects
Issue 18 (2) 2019 pp. 43-50
Wojciech Rogala
Initial study of the partition workload, made of large calcium-silicate masonry units
Issue 18 (2) 2019 pp. 51-59
Marek Sawicki, Mariusz Szóstak
Assessment of the safety of working on scaffolding based on post-accident protocols
Issue 18 (2) 2019 pp. 61-68
Jerzy Obolewicz
Legal regulations and practical aspects of occupational health and safety at the construction site
Issue 18 (2) 2019 pp. 69-78
Mieczysław Połoński
The effect of an annexation of the contract’s deadline for the estimation of the cost of implementation in the EVM method
Issue 18 (2) 2019 pp. 79-91
Wojciech Górski, Jarosław Szulc
Numerical modelling of non-homogeneous concrete connection in large panel system buildings
Issue 18 (2) 2019 pp. 93-105
Mykola Nagirniak
Assessment of the boundary effect range in Hencky–Bolle’s plates for selected boundary conditions
Issue 18 (2) 2019 pp. 107-114
Norbert Dąbkowski, Agnieszka Majstrowicz
Implementing problems with a variety floor in a commercial gallery
Issue 18 (2) 2019 pp. 115-123
Krzysztof Wiśniewski, Agata Pawłat-Zawrzykraj, Maja Urbańska
Assessment of physical and mechanical properties of clay composite with addition of straw for use in construction
Issue 18 (2) 2019 pp. 125-138
Jan Łukaszkiewicz, Beata Fortuna-Antoszkiewicz, Edyta Rosłon-Szeryńska, Zuzanna Bartman
Ursynów School of Landscape Architecture – masters and their work (Part 2)

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