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Issue 17 (4) 2018 pp. 83-92

Iwona Galman, Radosław Jasiński

Faculty of Civil Engineering, Silesian University of Technology, Gliwice

Joints in masonry walls

Keywords: masonry structures, stiffening walls, wall joints, connectors, bed joint reinforcement

The paper presents the results of the authors’ own tests of joints in the walls made of AAC blocks. The tests
were carried out on the originally modified test stand. Cracking morphology and failure mechanism of different
types of joints were analysed and the load–displacement relationships of these joints were compared.
The obtained results were also compared to the results of the tests performed on the reference models with
traditional masonry bonds. In other tested models joints were realised with the use of steel connectors. To
join the walls without the masonry bond the most commonly used steel connectors were applied: punched
steel flat profiles and steel bars. The differences in cracking mechanism and failure as well as in load-bearing
capacity of each joint type were demonstrated. Three series of three elements each were tested altogether.
Moreover, the code regulations for masonry wall joints were referred and the assortment of connectors for
wall joints available on the market was presented.

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