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Issue 17 (4) 2018


Issue 17 (4) 2018 pp. 5-17
Andrzej Brzeziński, Tomasz Dybicz, Andrzej Waltz
Railway passenger traffic model
Issue 17 (4) 2018 pp. 19-27
Klaudia Załęska-Dobkowska, Karol J. Kowalski, Jan Król, Piotr Radziszewski, Michał Sarnowski
Noise reducing pavememnts – national experiences and developments
Issue 17 (4) 2018 pp. 29-37
Paweł Mieczkowski, Bartosz Budziński
Polyethylene wax influence on selected properties of asphalt binder and asphalt concrete
Issue 17 (4) 2018 pp. 39-49
Marcin Grygierek
Influence of aggregate base stabilized with triaxial geogrid on pavement at the initial stage of its use
Issue 17 (4) 2018 pp. 51-60
Justyna Sławińska
The Mohr-Coulomb friction angle of granular soils under different stress conditions
Issue 17 (4) 2018 pp. 61-69
Tymoteusz Zydroń, Andrzej Gruchot, Kamil Czesak
Application of the Weibull survival function for estimation of the root tensile strength of selected tree species
Issue 17 (4) 2018 pp. 71-81
Łukasz Krysiak
The impact of riverbed erosion on the technical condition of water engineering structures: the example of Vistula river reach near the outlet of Wilanówka stream
Issue 17 (4) 2018 pp. 83-92
Iwona Galman, Radosław Jasiński
Joints in masonry walls
Issue 17 (4) 2018 pp. 93-104
Wojciech Mazur, Tomasz Rybarczyk, Radosław Jasiński, Łukasz Drobiec
Cracking and failure of precast AAC lintels in walls subjected to in-plane vertical loading
Issue 17 (4) 2018 pp. 105-111
Beata Nowogońska
Proposal to assess the date of the complete renovation of a building
Issue 17 (4) 2018 pp. 113-124
Agnieszka Leśniak, Grzegorz Piskorz
Delay factors in execution of design & build construction projects

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