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Issue 17 (3) 2018


Issue 17 (3) 2018 pp. 3-15
Włodzimierz Brząkała
Eurocode 7 as an element in the system of structural safety
Issue 17 (3) 2018 pp. 17-26
Zbigniew Młynarek, Jędrzej Wierzbicki, Katarzyna Stefaniak
Factors influencing evaluation of rigidity index from in situ tests
Issue 17 (3) 2018 pp. 27-36
Tomasz Godlewski, Monika Niemyjska
Geotechnical risk in the design and execution of deep excavations
Issue 17 (3) 2018 pp. 37-45
Andrzej Gruchot, Eugeniusz Zawisza
Shear strength of silty soils stabilized with fluidized bed ash
Issue 17 (3) 2018 pp. 47-55
Piotr Osiński, Edyta Nowakowska, Katarzyna Jeleniewicz, Marek Dohojda, Eugeniusz Koda
Influence of the site investigation quality on ultimate and serviceability limit states analyses based on a case study
Issue 17 (3) 2018 pp. 57-65
Mateusz Wiszniewski, Adam Krasiński, Jan Linowiecki
Laboratory tests on concrete elastic modulus variation in displacement pile
Issue 17 (3) 2018 pp. 67-77
Kamila Międlarz, Paweł Więcławski
Application of the Kosecki’s method in designing of offshore wind power plants foundation
Issue 17 (3) 2018 pp. 79-89
Ryszard Chmielewski, Andrzej Chyla, Leopold Kruszka
Analysis of harmful effects of vibrations and noise coming from construction works on existing buildings and people living in them
Issue 17 (3) 2018 pp. 91-101
Krzysztof Parylak, Kinga Witek
Complexity of conditioning catastrophes of transmitting coal of Odra river
Issue 17 (3) 2018 pp. 103-119
Simon Rabarijoely
Two examples of the assessment of construction settlement with the use of dilatometer tests (DMT)
Issue 17 (3) 2018 pp. 121-129
Tomasz Godlewski
New approach to the problem of soil freezing in Poland
Issue 17 (3) 2018 pp. 131-144
Władysław Matusiewicz, Grzegorz Wrzesiński
Drainage of the depression area in a small urban catchment

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