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Issue 17 (2) 2018


Issue 17 (2) 2018 pp. 3-13
Waldemar Świdziński, Marcin Smyczyński
Analysis of influence of parameters determining the partially saturation conditions in non-cohesive soils
Issue 17 (2) 2018 pp. 15-23
Wojciech Gosk, Krzysztof R. Czech
Stiffness modulus and Poisson’s ratio of soil possibility assessment on the basis of surface vibration acceleration measurements
Issue 17 (2) 2018 pp. 25-35
Witold Bogusz, Bolesław Kłosiński
New generation of Eurocodes – changes in geotechnical design
Issue 17 (2) 2018 pp. 37-51
Włodzimierz Brząkała, Aneta Herbut
Application of the Winkler model to the calculation of a hybrid retaining construction
Issue 17 (2) 2018 pp. 53-63
Aleksandra Korzec, Waldemar Świdziński
Selection and preparation of strong-motion records for dynamic response analysis of seismically loaded earth dams
Issue 17 (2) 2018 pp. 65-76
Adam Krasiński
Prediction of load-settlement characteristic of bored pile with pressure grouting under the base
Issue 17 (2) 2018 pp. 77-84
Marcin Ćwirko, Małgorzata Jastrzębska
The numerical analysis of the influence of changing the ground elasticity on the deformation of steel meshes used in the soil reinforcement
Issue 17 (2) 2018 pp. 85-95
Krystyna Kazimierowicz-Frankowska
Deformations of geosynthetic reinforced soil structures – comparison of results obtained by using different methods
Issue 17 (2) 2018 pp. 97-106
Elżbieta Kokocińska-Pakiet, Dariusz Bajno
Analysis of strengthening of the foundations of historic building
Issue 17 (2) 2018 pp. 107-114
Marek Bajda, Zdzisław Skutnik, Mariusz Lech, Simon Rabarijoely
Deformation parameters of organic soils for design improvement of subsoil under expressway on the basis of in situ tests
Issue 17 (2) 2018 pp. 115-122
Zbigniew Lechowicz, Kazimierz Garbulewski, Jacek Bąkowski, Małgorzata Wdowska, Grzegorz Wrzesiński, Ivan Ramos Fernandes
Use of staged construction with preloading for improvement of organic subsoil under expressway embankment
Issue 17 (2) 2018 pp. 123-134
Aleksander Duda, Tomasz Siwowski
Research on the recycled tyre bales backfill pressure on bridge abutment
Issue 17 (2) 2018 pp. 135-142
Eligiusz Mieloszyk, Anita Milewska, Sławomir Grulkowski
Forecasting of railway track tamping based on settlement of sleepers using fuzzy logic
Issue 17 (2) 2018 pp. 143-155
Grzegorz Sołtys, Tadeusz Brzozowski
Back analysis of behavior embankment founded on columns with a transmission layer on the basis of long-term monitoring

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