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Issue 16 (2) 2017 pp. 31-37

Jadwiga Bizon-Górecka, Jarosław Górecki

Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Architecture, UTP University of Science and Technology, Bydgoszcz, Poland


Keywords: risk management, construction production

The paper shows that phenomena requiring an active attitude of managers, including among other things:
creating risk management policy, risk identification, risk measurement, taking actions and control, are the
subject of risk management. The tasks of a risk manager in the enterprise refer to a professional interpretation
of economic correlations, occurring both outside and inside the enterprise. They consist in assessing information
about potential risk, possible ways of lowering its effects, unfavourable for the enterprise, and indicating
the advantages coming from taking risky actions. The article contains results of own research among 156
Polish building companies in the area of risk factors of building investment projects. According to opinions
of Polish building entrepreneurs, Polish enterprise have biggest problems with the scope, schedule, budget
and quality requirements of construction projects.

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MLA Bizon-Górecka, Jadwiga, and Jarosław Górecki. "TASKS OF RISK MANAGER IN THE CONSTRUCTION ENTERPRISE." Acta Sci.Pol. Architectura 16.2 (2017): 31-37.
APA Bizon-Górecka J. and Górecki J. (2017). TASKS OF RISK MANAGER IN THE CONSTRUCTION ENTERPRISE. Acta Sci.Pol. Architectura, 16 (2), 31-37
ISO 690 Bizon-Górecka, Jadwiga, Górecki, Jarosław. TASKS OF RISK MANAGER IN THE CONSTRUCTION ENTERPRISE. Acta Sci.Pol. Architectura, 2017, 16.2: 31-37.
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