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Issue 15 (4) 2016 pp. 127-140

Simon Rabarijoely, Stanisław Jabłonowski, Kazimierz Garbulewski

Szkoła Główna Gospodarstwa Wiejskiego w Warszawie


Keywords: geotechnical mapping, fi eld investigation, CPT & DMT tests, Bayesian approach

In geotechnical design of structures according to the rules and regulations given
in Eurocode 7 (EN 1997-1, 2:2004. Eurocode 7 – Geotechnical design. Part 1, 2), the standard
recommended for use since 2010 in the European Union, one of the most important
engineering tasks is the selection of parameters to examine all of the possible limit states.
In determining the characteristic values of geotechnical parameters, including strength and
deformation must be as careful and thoughtful use statistical methods, both classical and
Bayesian approach. Bayesian statistical analysis is justifi ed especially in the case of disposition
and consideration in the selection of parameter values a priori, for example, the
expert geotechnical parameters, or if the possibility of enlarging the number of sets of
parameters and geotechnical data, which forms the basis for observational method. The
paper presents examples of geotechnical data analysis using Bayesian theory, the aim was
to determine the effect of a range of geotechnical investigations, including the number and
type of soundings and their distance from the proposed facility on the characteristic parameters
of the substrate. In addition, it shows the importance of Bayesian theory in the design
of footings for use in designing methods of observation. The results of the analysis indicate
the usefulness of Bayesian theory in solving many tasks geotechnical.

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