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Issue 10 (2) 2011 pp. 25–34

Eleonora Gonda-Soroczyńska


Keywords: rural spa, village, potential of a rural spa, revival of rural areas, resources of healing materials, climatic conditions
Abstract: Sokołowsko, a former rural spa which may now be referred to as “a forgotten spa” was studied by the author. The potential of spas as health-promoting places mainly depends on the climatic qualities, resources of health-promoting raw materials as well as service infrastructure. The main advantages of the village are: location in the mountains and close to the national border; vicinity of Wałbrzych; climatic conditions beneficial for the treatment of respiratory track diseases; spa infrastructure; unique mountain landscape protected within the Sudety Wałbrzyskie Landscape Park created in 1998. The decreasing offer of spa resort infrastructure as well as decreasing number of patients are worrying phenomena.
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MLA Gonda-Soroczyńska, Eleonora. "UNUSED POTENTIAL OF RURAL SOKOŁOWSKO SPA." Acta Sci.Pol. Architectura 10.2 (2011): 25–34.
APA Gonda-Soroczyńska E. (2011). UNUSED POTENTIAL OF RURAL SOKOŁOWSKO SPA. Acta Sci.Pol. Architectura, 10 (2), 25–34
ISO 690 Gonda-Soroczyńska, Eleonora. UNUSED POTENTIAL OF RURAL SOKOŁOWSKO SPA. Acta Sci.Pol. Architectura, 2011, 10.2: 25–34.
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