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Issue 1 (1) 2002


Issue 1 (1) 2002 pp. 5–15
Hanka Zaniewska
Changes in the residential housing formation on the rural areas in social-economic transformation process
Issue 1 (1) 2002 pp. 17–27
Grzegorz Nawalany, Wacław Bieda
Heat exchange between the ground and hollowed fruit store and fruit cold store
Issue 1 (1) 2002 pp. 29–40
Andrzej Czerniak
The erosion protection of slopes with a biological - technical reinforcement of the slopes
Issue 1 (1) 2002 pp. 41–51
Sławomir Bajkowski, Piotr Siwicki, Janusz Urbański
Utilization of laboratory investigations of local scour below water structures to estimate their safety
Issue 1 (1) 2002 pp. 53–62
Kazimierz Banasik, Mariusz Barszcz, Joanna Pudzianowska, Zofia Czempińska-Świtalska
Estimation of lag time of runoff for a small agricultural catchment
Issue 1 (1) 2002 pp. 63–71
Alicja Michalik, Artur Radecki-Pawlik
The influence of fine sediment in bedload on dominant discharge for mountain streams
Issue 1 (1) 2002 pp. 73–84
Dariusz Górski, Zbigniew Popek
Test of application MIKE 11 model for sediment transport estimations in small lowland river
Issue 1 (1) 2002 pp. 85–95
Krzysztof Murawski
The Engesser-Shanley modified theory of stability of thin-walled cylindrical rods with example of use for steel St 35

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