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Index Copernicus Journal Master List




  1. After receiving the article, the Editorial Board makes its initial assessment taking into account such criteria as compliance of the subject with the scope of the journal, description of the methodology and results, references, layout, volume and the preparation of the paper for publication. After the initial acceptance, all articles prepared for publication in the journal are reviewed by two Reviewers appointed by the Editorial Board.
  2. The Reviewers are chosen from among recognized scientists and academics familiar with the subject field of the paper, who are not in a conflict of interest with the Authors. Reviewers and Authors of the paper do not know their identities (the double-blind review).
  1. The review is in writing (download the review form)  and concludes with an explicit recommendation to accept the paper or to reject it. If both reviews are positive, they are sent to the Author with a request to make appropriate corrections. If the Author disagrees with the comments of the Reviewers, the Author is asked to clarify his/her opinion in a separate letter. In case of divergent opinions of both Reviewers as to the admission of the article, the final decision lies with the Editorial Board (it may consult the third Reviewer beforehand). The Authors receive information about the publication of the paper or its rejection and the content of the reviews, regardless of whether the reviews are positive or negative. If the paper was rejected, it is impossible to improve and re-submit it.
  1. The list of Reviewers is published yearly in the last issue of the journal and on the journal’s website in the Reviewers section.