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Issue 18 (2) 2019 pp. 125-138

Jan Łukaszkiewicz, Beata Fortuna-Antoszkiewicz, Edyta Rosłon-Szeryńska, Zuzanna Bartman

Wydział Ogrodnictwa, Biotechnologii i Architektury, Szkoła Główna Gospodarstwa Wiejskiego w Warszawie, Warszawie

Ursynów School of Landscape Architecture – masters and their work (Part 2)

Keywords: landscape architecture, Ursynów, Władysław Niemirski, Ludwik Lawin, Longin Majdecki, Edward Bartman

The precursor of higher education and training in landscape architecture profession was the Warsaw University
of Life Sciences – SGGW with its head office in Warsaw, and finally in Ursynów – in the former eighteenth-
century estate of Julian Ursyn Niemcewicz, called Rozkosz. That is how the so-called Ursynów School
of Landscape Architecture appeared. The academic profile was shaped by several generations of eminent
landscape architects who contributed to the development of landscape architecture at WULS-SGGW and in
Poland. These undisputed personalities left behind a number of excellent realizations representing the highest
standards of design. These facilities still function, effectively enriching the landscape and urban natural
systems. Numerous theoretical studies of their authorship are the foundation for further investigation within
the discipline of landscape architecture. The second part of the publication presents: Władysław Niemirski
– a representative of mature modernism “smuggled” into realizations of socialist realism; Ludwik Lawin –
a fancier and expert on garden plants and ecological issues; Longin Majdecki – an eminent expert and conservator
of historical gardens; Edward Bartman – a designer-humanist. This publication is aimed at presenting
the individualities of the Polish landscape architecture seniors, so that through the prism of their activities,
the specificity and character of the Ursynów School of Landscape Architecture can be shown. The studies and
analyses are based on a broad review of literature, design projects and field studies in selected parks.

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ISO 690 ŁUKASZKIEWICZ, Jan, et al. Ursynów School of Landscape Architecture – masters and their work (Part 2). Acta Sci.Pol. Arch., 2019, 18.2: 125-138.
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