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Issue 17 (2) 2018 pp. 123-134

Aleksander Duda, Tomasz Siwowski

Wydział Budownictwa, Inżynierii Środowiska i Architektury, Politechnika Rzeszowska, Rzeszów

Research on the recycled tyre bales backfill pressure on bridge abutment

Keywords: bridge abutment, backfill pressure, tyre bales, recycling

This article describes the tests of the pressure distribution on bridge abutment generated by the backfill made
of the recycled car tyres compressed in the form of bales with interfaces of medium sands and a buffer layer
with tyre shreds. Backfill pressure distribution was measuring continuously over a period of three months
using a pressure sensors. Static and dynamic load tests of abutment were conducted and cyclic horizontal displacements
of the abutment wall, as a simulation of thermal elongation/shortening of the integral bridge span
were also performed. The results of pressure field measurements were compared with results of numerical
analysis performed using the GEO5 program basing on finite element method. Compatibility results of field
measurements and numerical analysis was pretty good, and the maximum difference was about 25%. Based
on field measurements and numerical analysis, a 2–4 times reduction of pressure on bridge abutment was
found, if the tyre bales had been used, compared to conventional backfilling of medium sand.

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MLA Duda, Aleksander, and Tomasz Siwowski. "Research on the recycled tyre bales backfill pressure on bridge abutment." Acta Sci.Pol. Arch. 17.2 (2018): 123-134.
APA (2018). . Acta Sci.Pol. Arch. 17 (2), 123-134
ISO 690 DUDA, Aleksander, SIWOWSKI, Tomasz. Research on the recycled tyre bales backfill pressure on bridge abutment. Acta Sci.Pol. Arch., 2018, 17.2: 123-134.
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