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The Authors of the articles selected for printing are obliged to charge of 400 PLN + 23% Tax (or 100 Euros + 23% Tax) for 12 pages of text (including all the required elements, abstract, tables, drawings, etc.) in accordance with the format presented in the Instruction to Authors. In the case of a text with greater volume an additional charge of 10 Euro + 23% Tax for each additional commenced page will be added. One invoice is issued for each article.
Submission of a paper to the editor indicates that the Authors accept the above charges.




Technical and editorial requirements for the elaboration of papers

1. Size of the papers including tables, figures and photographs should not exceed 12 pages of A-4 format (21,0 × 29,7 cm), mirror margins 2,5 cm each.

2. Style of documents – the text of the paper should be typed with Times New Roman font 12 points, leading 1,5; setting parts of the text in special typeface are allowed, e.g. italic or bold, but without underlining of letters, words or sentences.

3. Tables and figures:

  • Titles of tables and captions of figures should be typed with Times New Roman font 9 points, and their numbers with Arabic numerals. In the titles/captions, the following notation is to be applied: „Table 1.”/„Fig 1.”, whereas in the text – „table 1”/„figure 1” (referred in sentence) or abbreviation „tab. 1”/„fig. 1” (reffered in bracket).
  • Content of tables should be typed with Times New Roman font 8 points, leading 1, without vertical lines.
  • In the figures (axes, legends, etc.), the Arial font should be applied.

4. Units and their spelling – the international SI system is binding using the power notation, e.g. kg · dm–3.

5. Equations within the text – if algebraic expressions are used in the paper, Authors are requested to use the command path: Insert object >>> Create new object >>> MathType equation or Microsoft equation (various types of applications are used depending on the MS Word version). The technical editors use Mathtype 5.0 to 5.2c. Please DO NOT USE the tool Equation (command Insert equation).

6. Quotations and list of references – the international APA style should be applied. Details and examples are available at the end of Instructions.


Layout of the papers

1. Title of the article

2. First name and surname of the Author (-s) with affiliation. If there are two or more Authors, the data of each of them should be provided in separate lines. Moreover, e-mail address of the first Author should be provided as footnote with the symbol * on the first page of the article.

3. Paper abstract (from 600 to 1000 characters) briefly describing aim and research hypothesis, methodology, the most important results and conclusions, provided in informative (and not descriptive) form.

4. Key words – up to six words should be provided which will be helpful when indexing and searching. It is recommended not to repeat words used in the title.

5. The main text should include: introduction with the aim and research hypothesis, material and methods, results, discussion, conclusions (or summary) and references. It is recommended to cite items important for the research topic, including these published in Acta Scientiarum Polonorum Architectura.

6. Article title, abstract (from 600 to 1000 characters) and key words as translation of the title, abstract and keywords of the paper in Polish.


Submission of papers

1. The Author sends the paper to the editorial office via e-mail (the paper as one file with the text as well as figures and tables put in the appropriate place in the text).

2. After the Author receives a reviews he/she sends to the editorial office:

  • paper corrected according to the Reviewers’ remarks (one file with all the figures and tables);
  • written reply to the omitted remarks of Reviewers, if necessary;
  • source files of figures with the program-specific extension (the graphic material should be elaborated in the programs working in Windows, eg. MS Excel, CorelDRAW, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop etc.);
  • Author`s statement (download).

​​3. The editorial office reserves the right to make corrections in the papers with the agreement of the Authors.


Citations and reference list (APA style)


1. While citing other authors’ works in the text it is necessary to give the author’s surname (surnames) and the year of publication, according to the following examples:

  • one author’s publication: „(Kowalski, 2002)” or „according to Kowalski (2002)”;
  • two authors’ publication: „(Kowalski & Nowak, 2002)” or „according to Kowalski and Nowak (2002)”;
  • three to five authors’ publication:

– the first citation including the names of all the authors, e.g.: „(Kowalski, Nowak & Wiśniewski, 2002)” or „according to Kowalski, Nowak and Wiśniewski (2002)”;

– the next citations including only the first author’s name, e.g. „(Kowalski et al., 2002)” or „according to Kowalski et al. (2002)”; 

  • a publication by six and more authors: all the citaions including only the name of the first author, e.g. „(Kowalski et al., 2002)” or „according to Kowalski et al. (2002)”;
  • simultaneous citation of many works: each citation separated by a semicolon, e.g. „(Kowalski, 2002; Nowak, 2003)”, in case of works by the same author – separated by a comma, e.g. „(Kowalski, 2002a, 2002b)” or „(Kowalski, 2002a, 2002b; Nowak, 2003)”.

2. Reference list should be organized in alphabetical order according to the pattern: the surname(s) of the author(s) (subject to point 2b), the initials of first names; year of publication (when a few works by the same author were published the same year, after giving the year it is necessary to mark each position with the symbols a, b, c, etc.); the title of the work; place of publication (in case of a textbook, a monograph or other non-serial publications); the name of the publisher, the number of the volume (of the year’s issue), the number and page numbers (in case of a periodical), doi number in case of electronic publications (subject to point „electronic sources”), according to the following examples:

a) depending on the kind of work:

  • a journal paper:
    Collins, F. G. & Sanjayan, J. G. (1999). Workability and mechanical properties of alkali activated slag concrete. Cement and Concrete Research, 29(3), 455–458. doi: 10.1016/S0008-8846(98)00236-1
  • a print book:
    Greń, J. & Kowalski, Z. (1972). Statystyka matematyczna. Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN.
  • a print book chapter:
    Haybron, D. M. (2008). Philosophy and the science of subjective well-being. In M. Eid & R. J. Larsen (Eds.), The science of subjective well-being (pages 17–43). New York: Guilford Press.

b) depending on the number of authors:

  • in case of works by up to seven people it is necessary to give the names of all the authors, e.g.
    Zilch, K., Niedermeier, R. & Finckh, W. (2014). Strengthening of Concrete Structures with Adhesively Bonded Reinforcement. Design and Dimensioning of CFRP Laminates and Steel Plates. First Edition. Berlin: Ernst & Sohn GmbH & Co. KG.
  • in case of works by eight and more people it is necessary to give the names of the first six people, then after an ellipsis the last author’s name, e.g.
    Vermaat, J. E., Wagtendonk, A. J., Brouwer, R., Sheremet, O., Ansink, E., Brockhoff, T., ...
    & Giełczewski, M. (2016). Assessing the societal benefits of river restoration using the ecosystem services approach. Hydrobiologia, 769(1), 121–135. doi: 10.1007/s10750-015-2482-z

c) electronic sources:

  • in case of electronic sources which don’t have doi (digital object identifier) it is necessary to give the address of the relevant website, e.g.
    Narodowe Centrum Nauki [NCN]. (2012). Raport roczny 2011. Retrieved from:

3. The detailed information is available also here: APA Style (the official internet website)APA Style (basic manual), UMUC Library.